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"Meir Aharonee Real Estate" provides real estate consulting and real estate services with the highest standards and service level. The firm was established by Meir Aharonee - a real estate consultant, broker and qualified arbitrator.

About Meir Aharonee: Meir is a graduate of the RE/MAX International Real Estate School and has extensive experience in marketing and sales.
During his work at RE/MAX (2012-2015), he specialized in marketing, selling and renting properties in exclusive neighborhoods, such as Rechavia, Talbye, Old Katamon, San Simon, and more.

In 2015, Meir opened a Boutique Agency in the Talbiye neighborhood, now located near the President's Residence.

The firm's way of working is thorough, emphasizing credibility, humanity, professionalism, transparency, down to the finest detail. Which is why we have accumulated considerable experience in closing complex and challenging transactions to customer satisfaction.

The firm specializes in real estate brokerage and marketing, Rentals and Sales, where for each asset a targeted and a unique marketing plan is built to expose the property to the most potential buyers. This
results in an efficient and fast sale or rental at the best price.

The firm also specializes in marketing new projects and apartments - including in buildings designated for TAMA 38 projects.

The firm is a member of the Bureau of Real Estate Brokers and makes sure to work according to ethics laws in the real estate profession. In addition, Meir serves as Vice-Chairman on it’s Board of Directors.

We have embraced our commitment to cooperate with other brokers - as a way of working that leads to the best closing of the transaction for the benefit of the client.

Selling or buying a home is a complex and perhaps most important deal in a person's life, and we believe this should be addressed - from finding the client's needs, through counseling and referral to professionals in the complementary fields (lawyers, finance consultants, appraisers, taxation experts, architects and more. .), Continue to find the best solution for the customer's needs and to negotiate and close the deal successfully.


We would love to see you among our satisfied customers!



Meir Aharonee - CEO

Yehuda Alkalai 5, Talbiye, Jerusalem

Office: 02-563-4333

Mobile: 054-9144-952




Meir Aharonee